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soybean field
June Dempsey, Analyst, Agriculture & Biofuels
January 11, 2018
Genscape currently has a significant independent monitoring presence in all six of the National Oilseed Processors Association’s (NOPA) reporting regions. Current crushing margins stand at greater than $1 per bushel, which is the strongest for 18 months according to the CME Group, and has...
Frozen Natural Gas Pipeline
Joseph Bernardi, Nicole McMurrer, Rick Margolin, and Allison Hurley, Genscape Natural Gas
January 09, 2018
Widespread winter weather over the past two weeks has led to new records on both the production and the consumption sides of North American natural gas. In addition to the well-documented Northeast price blowouts brought on by the "bomb cyclone," the rapidly intensifying storm that pummeled...
oil pipeline
Devin Geoghegan, Global Director, Supply & Demand Analytics
January 06, 2018
There are clear indications that Libyan production is beginning to consistently exceed the pro rata “soft cap” that it and Nigeria purportedly agreed to (Nigeria 1.8 mm bpd and Libya 1.0 mm bpd) during the 173rd OPEC meeting, which concluded on December 1, 2017. Therefore, monitoring Libyan oil...
Kinneil crude stabilization plant
Hillary Stevenson, Director of Oil Markets/Business Development & Dylan White, Oil Markets Analyst
January 03, 2018
Around 400,000 bpd of North Sea production was shut-in for more than two weeks in December 2017 after a crack was discovered in the Forties pipeline. Production from more than 80 North Sea fields, including the prolific Buzzard field, is moved onshore via INEOS's 1.15mn bpd Forties Pipeline System (FPS...
Planet high-resolution imagery of Cushing, Oklahoma storage hub
Josef Spalenka, Sr. Research Scientist, R&D, and Marcus Waldner, Oil Storage Manager
December 19, 2017
NPR’s popular Planet Money podcast recently blasted off into orbit with a multi-episode series about the ongoing revolution in data derived from satellites. In Episode 2 of the series titled, “Wait, Why Are We Going To Space?” NPR’s Robert Smith visited Genscape at our headquarters in...
satellite imagery of a libyan oil field
Devin Geoghegan, Global Director, Supply & Demand Analytics
December 18, 2017
Libya has approximately 1mn bpd of production today and has claimed that it could approach 1.5mn bpd in the next few years, and ultimately much higher production by 2022, making the country a significant global oil producer. The volatility in the country, however, means that oil...
Cargo Ship Beatrice
Jim Venhoff, Manager, Agriculture & Biofuels
December 18, 2017
Since early October, it has been reported that the fuel ethanol arbitrage window from the U.S. to China has officially opened. This comes after the Chinese government implemented a hefty 30 percent import tariff in January of 2017 in an attempt to boost domestic corn and ethanol production. There are 11...
Oil Pipeline
By David Arno, Dylan White, Oil Market Analysts, and Ashley El Rady, Oil Storage Analyst
December 18, 2017
Crude inventories at Genscape-monitored storage locations in Western Canada reached the highest level on record in the week ending December 8, 2017, as growing production further surpassed the region’s pipeline takeaway capacity. The regional congestion and subsequent growth in crude inventories...
Genscape IR Image
Angela Shalenko, Project Lead, Data Integrity
December 14, 2017
  While the majority of Genscape’s proprietary network consists of electromagnetic field (EMF) monitors, they are not the only way that Genscape is able to capture critical market data. When EMF monitors cannot be deployed, Genscape turns to install infrared (IR) cameras in the field to help...
libyan crude oil exports
Devin Geoghegan, Global Director, Supply & Demand Analytics
December 13, 2017
Estimating monthly oil production for most countries prior to the release of official statistics is challenging. It can require combining export cargo tracking with “well-placed sources” who can share “hard-to-get” information. Enter the problems. Cargo counting cannot capture...