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Receive actual, measured ethanol inventory data for the industry's most traded hub - Chicago

Access the most accurate, up-to-date, granular storage data, ahead of the EIA

ethanol infrared imageUsing proprietary methodologies, Genscape measures three major ethanol storage terminals in the Chicago area, including Kinder Morgan Argo, Buckeye Argo, and Kinder Morgan Stony Island, for over 930,000 barrels of ethanol storage capacity. Get the most up-to-date, granular ethanol storage data available for this key storage area, ahead of the EIA.

Unlike the Energy Information Administration's (EIA) data derived from voluntary reporting or accounting flows, Genscape’s storage estimates are based on actual tank volumes, and include granularity down to the individual tank level. Data is collected using infrared cameras, aerial diagnostics, and other proprietary measurement techniques. This approach translates into highly accurate, advance notice of the actual oil storage levels at these Chicago terminals and other ethanol storage facilities across the U.S.


Delivery: Online Biofuels Dashboard

Frequency: Weekly

Locations: North America

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The Chicago Ethanol Inventory Report features:

  • Weekly report, delivered via the Biofuels Dashboard on Mondays at 12PM ET, ahead of the EIA's weekly inventory report
  • Past reports available on-demand through the Biofuels Dashboard
  • One full year of historical information to identify trends and themes
  • Granular storage capacity utilization at the individual tank level
  • Percentage of storage change for the region on a weekly basis
Chicago Ethanol Inventory
Gain unrivaled transparency into this major U.S. export hub

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Benefits of the Chicago Ethanol Inventory Report include:

  • Get never before seen transparency into the largest U.S. ethanol trading hub
  • Gain a historical perspective into ethanol storage trends to make more informed long-term business decisions
  • See a more complete picture of the entire ethanol supply chain across the continental U.S.
Chicago Ethanol Inventory
Gain insight into ethanol storage tank level measurements at New York Harbor