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The industry's first and only Q-RIN program with the popular monitoring option

Connecting biofuel producers and obligated parties on one consolidated dashboard 

Genscape’s QAP services, from verification to implementation, provide a low-cost solution for biofuels producers seeking visibility and competitive pricing in today’s biofuels market. The Genscape QAP gives clients the option to use a patented technology solution to reduce QAP site visits from two times per year to one time per year. Additionally, the Biofuels Industry Dashboard provides a central location for producers of all sizes to get discovered. Genscape RIN generating clients can connect directly with RIN buyers through the Dashboard, opening up options for RIN sales with zero marketing fees.

Genscape’s QAP services are fully EPA approved to validate Q-RINs in EMTS. The Q-RIN designation is a fundamental requirement for RIN buyers to assert an affirmative defense, or take the limited exemption, in the case of invalidly generated RINs.



Delivery: Online dashboard and onsite services

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: North America

RIN Integrity Network Expert Consultation

"Once we joined Genscape, we began receiving unsolicited calls from large obligated parties wanting to buy our RINs."

Newport Biodiesel

Get discovered, gain real-time, comprehensive facility information & access the latest news & alerts

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An independent solution for managing compliance and procurement

Using proprietary technology, Genscape is redefining the traditional production facility audit, bringing a new level of transparency to the industry. By providing real-time information and alerts, Genscape exponentially reduces the compliance risk Obligated Parties face compared to 90 to 100-day-old results from a traditional, on-site paper-based audit approach. Genscape's consolidated platform provides Obligated Parties easy access to centralized reporting capabilities and the ability to view the latest biofuel Producer QAP information not available in the EPA’s EMTS system. This streamlined approach alleviates the end-of-year scramble to verify RINs and provides a record of QAP activity to ensure an Obligated Party receives the benefits associated with owning QAP RINs.


  • Access organized and streamlined audit records and documentation on Genscape’s platform to reduce the administrative burden 
  • Find the answers and assistance you need when you need them with on-demand compliance expertise
  • Avoid overbuying RINs or receiving a Notice of Violation and replacement costs for invalidly generated RINs
  • Use the Biofuels Industry Dashboard as a procurement tool
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The most cost effective and low impact QAP in the industry

Gain traction and visibility in the RIN marketplace while maximizing the value of your RINs

Genscape's patented technology will reduce the workload associated with a QAP program and minimize the impact on daily operations. Other QAP programs are required to be on site every three months, but Genscape’s technology eliminates the need for ongoing, onsite audit interruptions. Genscape provides a better solution at a comparable price to any audit-based QAP program on the market.


  • Relieve ‘audit fatigue’ by consolidating multiple audits into a single site visit
  • Get discovered on the Biofuels Industry Dashboard where obligated parties go for real-time, comprehensive facility information
  • Find the answers and assistance you need when you need them with on-demand compliance expertise
  • Boost credibility with new and existing credit buyers
  • Save money on additional services with complimentary, on-demand, step-by-step RIN generation training
  • Post RINs for sale without marketing fees for RIN generators
Genscape Biofuels Industry Dashboard