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Anticipate long-term market impacts and trends with Genscape's forward-looking supply and demand balances

A comprehensive look at the natural gas market fundamentals driving the forward curve 18-months out 

With prices on the forward curve closely tied to anticipated storage levels, market participants need a comprehensive understanding of supply and demand fundamentals to achieve a competitive edge. Genscape’s Forward Supply and Demand Report provides the industry’s only point-of-view forecast that illustrates impacts of current forward curve prices on supply and demand fundamentals without forcing storage values to remain at “acceptable” levels or the market to artificially balance.

Lower 48 Working Gas Storage

This unique approach utilizes a base scenario of 30-year normal weather as well as Genscape’s Production Forecast to provide a detailed breakdown future of supply, demand, imports, exports, and storage under prevailing market conditions. This results in a more tangible view of market directionality, giving a supplementary view to the standard forecast. With daily updates and 5+ years of history including granular data for use in in-house models, the Forward Supply and Demand Report offers unprecedented utility and views into the factors impacting the state of the U.S. natural gas market.


Delivery: Emailed Excel & PDF Reports

Frequency: Weekly

Location: North America

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Crude Oil Fundamentals Report Free Trial

The only gas production forecast that provides weekly updates & detailed production forecasts for over 50 regions in the Lower 48 & Canada

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  • Weekly PDF reports:
    • EIA weekly release recap report highlighting the implied fundamental meaning of the current week’s EIA release
    • Estimate of power consumption on a national level derived from Genscape’s natural gas power burn model that incorporates proprietary electricity monitor data
    • Overview of heating and cooling degree days
    • Commentary and expert insight into market movements
Gain a deeper understanding of intrastate storage facilities & insights into storage modeling

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  • Estimate long-term storage to anticipate impacts on the forward curve
  • Predict the price of natural gas using a long-term supply and demand point-of-view model
  • Understand market fundamentals to assess the accuracy of forward prices
  • Replace or inform in-house models with granular forecast data
  • Direct access – email, instant message, phone – to the experienced traders and analysts who create these reports


A daily regional breakdown of supply & demand balances, 3 months ahead of EIA monthlies