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The smartest trades in the ERCOT CRR market delivered to your inbox up to 3 days before auction opens

Gain granular visibility into the future flow and price of power with fundamentals-based congestion analysis and market analyst expertise

With over a billion possible source and sink trading paths in the ERCOT CRR market, traders and analysts need to operate, manage risk, and turn a profit based on a complex and opaque environment. Genscape's ERCOT CRR Opportunities & Insights Service is designed to provide the transparency and guidance, through fundamental data and expert analysis, necessary to identify actionable trade paths without the need for custom software programs or hours of analysis.

With unmatched insight into the physical equipment currently active in the nodal network and equipment changes planned for the future, Genscape analysts are able to capture the commercial attributes of this equipment. When changes are activated or scheduled, analysts can anticipate, identify, and analyze how and where power flows will be impacted across the ERCOT grid. Finally, insights are mapped to nodal price points within the network to show how LMPs will be impacted in the future.

ERCOT CRR Path Analysis
SOURCE: The ERCOT CRR Service identifies all notable constraints and provides off-peak analysis, flow analysis, strong path opportunities, and path analysis. The chart above is the path analysis for the POT_OAKS_1 constraint in April 2014.



Delivery: Emailed PDF

Frequency: Monthly

Locations: ERCOT

ERCOT CRR Free Trial

Identify trading opportunities with fundamental forecasts & data mining

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Subscribers to the ERCOT CRR Opportunities & Insight Service receive:

  • Monthly PDF report delivered via email up to 3 days before ERCOT CRR auction opens
    • Weather, generation outage, and transmission outage impacts and commentary
    • Notable constraint analysis (OPT and OBT)
    • Recommended bid pair trades that target the notable constraints
    • Summary of the previous month's top gainers and losers
    • Historical financial analysis
    • Prior month clearing results
  • Direct access to ERCOT market experts
Wind Output Forecast
SOURCE: Genscape team of meteorologists provides regional wind generation forecasts, as well as temperature forecasts and their impact on demand


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ERCOT CRR Service clients are able to:

  • Save time and resources with a sophisticated tool doing the heavy lifting to identify the best trades
  • Gain a new level of risk assessment and detailed congestion analysis on specific trades
  • Identify 500-1,000 actionable opportunities in the CRR market based on a proven fundamental forecast and historical data
  • Analyze the market in a new way with the most granular data available and expert ERCOT analysts at your fingertips
Top and Bottom Congestion Performance
SOURCE: The monthly ERCOT CRR Opportunities and Insights service identifies the top and bottom 10 performers from the previous month 


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