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Unique real-time power plant output and transmission flow data that helps traders and asset owners optimize revenues, minimize risks and understand market trends

Up-to-the minute power market information for key ISO markets across North America

With thousands of patented sensors deployed near power plants and transmission lines across the United States, Genscape’s PowerRT service gives clients an unparalleled view into the real-time status of power grid market fundamentals across North America. In order to best deliver this data, the PowerRT platform provides users a flexible workspace for visualizing and getting alerted on relevant and up-to-the-minute power market information for key ISO markets including: ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM, MISO, SPP, ERCOT and CAISO. Core applications of this service include the ability to:

  • Spot generation and transmission changes that can have an immediate impact to both intra-day and day ahead markets
  • Understand supply stack dynamics and line flows to better uncover potential patterns and opportunities in the markets, especially as it relates to congestion
  • Develop and improve trading and hedging strategies, better predict your power plant’s output, and optimize assets through the use of historical data analytics
  • Calculate in real-time how much gas or coal is being consumed in the US power sector based on Genscape’s large sample of plants

Genscape PowerRT is available for Europe, Japan, and North America.

PowerRT historic transmission data


Delivery: Online dashboard

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: North America

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Precisely analyze market drivers that trigger particular congestion patterns across ISOs for virtuals, point-to-points, CRRs & FTRs to make better predictions about future congestion

Genscape PowerRT alerting

For those looking to understand the fundamental drivers of congestion, the PowerRT platform is the only source of comprehensive line flow and power plant output data.  With the ability to look back at historic events, users can analyze with precision the market drivers that trigger particular congestion patterns to better predict future congestion.

For congestion traders, PowerRT data and platform:

  • Expose where lines are out of service in the real-time market and identify where potential congestion could emerge
  • Allow users to set alerts on constraints caused by changing output at particular plants to better identify and track patterns that lead to trading opportunities
  • Monitor real-time outages on generation and transmission to understand if planned outages occur as published by the ISO or third party information providers
  • Provide insight into grid dynamics including the unplanned loss of generation as well as monitoring of on-the-ground conditions for renewables to understand how deviations from forecast impact congestion
  • Offer the opportunity to study supply stack deltas – including changes in solar and wind generation with ISO forecasts coming soon to better understand if trade opportunities will be repeated
Learn how utility-scale solar, distributed energy & other renewables are impacting pricing, demand & transmission in the ERCOT power market

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Low latency, real-time data helps traders optimize their Bal-Day and real-time positions by providing real-time supply stack insight

Genscape PowerRT user-based alerting

Real-time traders risk being left behind without the insights provided in real time by PowerRT platform. PowerRT allows real-time traders to quickly be able to respond to market opportunities with more confidence as they present themselves through the low latency delivery of real-time data.

By using the full range of data available in PowerRT, short term traders will benefit from:

  • Real-time alerts when there is a large deviation in grid frequency and the ability to see the availability of remaining generation that could replace whatever loss caused the frequency deviation to help gauge how long market volatility will last.
  • Real-time transparency into the supply stack which helps traders in making better decisions about when to enter and exit positions
  • Setting and receiving alerts using historical line flow information to improve congestion predictions and track when market moving congestion is likely to occur
  • The ability to delve into the overall market supply stack by ISO to better understand which fuel types are setting prices as well as offer insight into the remaining available capacity in each of these active markets
  • Visualizing weather fronts and charting relevant market drivers, including supply and demand data, to analyse what the biggest daily driver of price is likely to be
  • Better understanding of how interregional dynamics could influence supply in a particular ISO as well as alerting when imports are pulled from the market and could drive short term price volatility
  • One year of historical data to better analyse historic outages and their price implications in relevant markets
Learn how operations have changed since the start of EIM & how Genscape customers can use our power services to stay up-to-date on this changing market

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Gain insights into local grid dynamics to make more informed scheduling and purchasing decisions

Genscape PowerRT loss of generation detection

Utilities owning power plants or buyer power and other asset owners face a unique set of problems and by using Genscape’s PowerRT service operators can optimize short term hedging decisions and optimize power plant output levels.

PowerRT can help operators and asset owners by:

  • Helping operators make better and faster decisions about how a unit should respond to price spikes by revealing potential drivers of high prices as well as which plants remain available for dispatch to alleviate shortcomings in the supply stack
  • Allowing asset managers to view output levels at plants which can be correlated with day ahead prices to understand who may have been picked up in the DAM
  • Providing the generator output and transmission flow information necessary to understand drivers of congestion near their asset or fleet.  Users can then set alerts at these levels to better understand the impact and duration of events happening in the real-time market.
  • Providing awareness about the stability of grid frequency which provides users with the ability to see where and when a unit has come offline to better understand if their asset is a potential replacement candidate
  • Allowing users to study extreme events in the past to improve decision making in similar conditions, including when to buy fuel and when to take planned outages.
  • Providing vital information on output level at competing plants


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